Moving services

Residential moving

Moving organization is a real stress for unprepared people and can be a serious problem, for example furniture can turn out to be too heavy or it is too big for doorway. If you want your moving process to be positive call our company. We are ready to take over all the troubles, and take into account all details.

Horizon Boston Movers have all necessary resources for providing the most complicated multi-stage moving process in a short period of time. Our working experience allowed us to develop a clean plan of work thanks to which our staff carries out any moving process in the state fast and on a high level.

Commercial moving

At first sight commercial moving organization may sound rather big job, especially if it is a large office. Indeed, there are more than 200 000 company moving processes annually in Boston, but only a few chiefs know how to organize work in a new place in the minimum terms without reducing working efficiency of the staff at the same time.

A well-planned moving usually takes few days: on Friday evening your coworkers pack their personal belongings and on Monday they can begin their work in a new place. This will be true if you order an office moving at the professional moving company. We will propose you the best solution for your moving ensuring a high speed of work and safety of your property.

Long distance moving

Moving to another city has many important issues. It will be difficult to solve this problem by yourself if you don’t have necessary experience, special equipment or skills. That’s why we recommend to call our company in case if you need to move home belongings or if you plan a moving to another city.

Long distance moving has several important peculiarities:

– it is necessary to pack all belongings quite thoroughly and fix it in transport;

– moving of belongings to another state requires a careful dismantling, selection of special package and marking for all details;

– during performance of such work a vehicle must be sealed;

– it is necessary to consider a way and time of transportation to be at the point of destination on time and to avoid traffic jams.

Our movers have a great working experience in transportation and moving services, that’s why you can be sure that transportation of furniture or long distance moving will be performed on a high level. An additional guaranty is our immaculate reputation which we gained thanks to customer oriented policy.