Tips in Hiring the Right Boston Movers

In the event that you decided that you cannot take care of moving on your own, hiring a reliable and good moving company is your best solution. While the internet offers a long list of movers, finding the right one can be overwhelming. In order to help you find the right company, we provided some of the things that you should do when hiring mover.

Essential Things to Remember When Hiring Boston Movers
The process of finding the right mover can be a bit daunting, which is why we are providing you with these important tips that can help you.

The Initial Screening
When you already have a short list of your prospected moving companies, the first thing to do is to conduct a background check. You may also seek the help of the Moving Organization and ask if they are members of the association. Being a member means that they need to abide on the rules and standard of the organization. During the initial screening, you should also ask them to visit you on your home. This will allow the Boston movers to provide you an accurate estimate of your expenses depending on the things that you are planning to move. It would also be better if you will have a list of household items which will allow you to discuss the things that need extra care when handling.

Avoid Choosing Movers Based on their Price
Some people will quickly think that the moving company that is offering them with a lowest quote would be the best choice. However, you may end up incurring additional expenses since most of them are less-experienced and poorly equipped. There are rogue movers who will lure the customers with their low costs, free additional services, and special deals. In case you are hiring a moving company for a task that will only take a day, consider choosing the small Boston movers that has a great reputation. They will cost less compared to the large companies.

Ask the Important Questions
There are different details about the movers that you need to know to ensure that they are reliable, professional and that your valuable items will be handled with care. The best Boston movers will provide you with all the essential information before you even ask them. They are doing this task every time, and they are already aware of the things that their customer wants to know. But since your needs will be unique, there may be additional questions that you will need to ask such as a referral, complaints about them, different services, insurance, additional transfer and additional fees.
Finally, you should communicate clearly with the movers to be clear about the extra charges. Some of the extra costs may include moving things up or down the stairs, parking space for their moving equipment and vehicle and parking fees. You need to know these different charges and how much they cost in order to minimize the entire cost.

Six Moving Tips from Boston Movers to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is both exciting and stressful at the same time. For many people, finding a new place to live is only the start of the process. You then need to pack all your items and hire movers to help move your whole home. Here are six simple moving tips from professional movers Boston to make your next move easier.

1. No Procrastinating
This sounds very simple, but most people end up packing items on moving day. It can be a challenge to get started with packing. The best option is start packing a few boxes every day, at least a month before the move. You should start with items that are not needed for daily life. Pacing yourself can help you stay organized and make the job of packing not feel so overwhelming.

2. Stick with Moving Boxes
When you are planning a move, you should get boxes that are meant for moving. Some Boston movers will not move other types of boxes for safety reasons. However, some movers will provide you with boxes once you have booked your moving day.
Avoid using boxes from stores. Most times, these boxes are not clean and may break under the weight of your items. The size differences between the boxes can also make them hard to move, stack, and carry.

3. Label Everything
When you are packing the boxes, you should make sure that all they are all labeled with what is in them and what room they should be put in at your new home. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for and helps the movers know how to pack and unpack the moving truck.

4. Know What You Cannot Pack
There are items that movers Boston cannot move for you. Most of these items are household cleaners, paint, car fluids, and other hazardous items. If you are not sure what you can and cannot have moved, you should ask the movers you hired to find out about their moving guidelines.

5. Pack Your House Room by Room
When you are packing, you should be trying to pack one room at a time. This avoids items ending up in the wrong box and getting lost. If there are fragile items, you should make sure that the items are wrapped in bubble wrap or paper. If you are using paper, you should avoid using newspaper because the ink on the newspaper can get on the items and stain them.

6. Moving Your Valuables
You should not pack up everything into boxes. When you are packing, your valuables items should be placed in a different box that is labeled. These valuables should stay with you to make sure that they arrive in one piece at your new home. If the item is too large, you should make sure that it is moved carefully, and take photos before and after it is moved.
Moving does not have to be back breaking work. Hiring Boston movers can help you make the move less stressful. Moving is not as stressful when you take the time to properly plan your move and pack.